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Fun + Flirt

  • #lobby (85)

    Big chat for flirting, making party and having a lot of fun. There are always nice people for talkin

  • #quizzen (18)

    German quiz channel offering more than 50,000 questions in all topics and detailed statistics for ev

  • (40)

    Funny logfiles from IRC (German)

  • #Psychiatrie (13)

    FUN channel and nothing for real patients. Just join!

  • #night (14)

    Channel for night-active chatters. Day-actives are welcome, too

  • #irclove (5)

    flirtchan, huge website. profiles, media, messages. all for free without advertising, free usage for

  • #letsbaron (29)

    Funny Channel with people solving your IRC problems.

  • #all4one (15)

    Many topics... just fun-chatting

  • #German-Youth (25)

    Come join us and idle or just have fun ;)

  • #heil.diskordia

    Do not belive what ever you read. The Fnord can not eat you while you can not see him.

  • #wiesel (2)

    This channel is mainly visited by younger Users - Open Topic, just have fun

  • #Underworld

    The direct connection to the underworld in euIRC ;)

  • #Katzenkorb (19)

    You're happy and have fun? Join us and have more fun. Here you'll get your basket. ;)


IRC in general

  • #Eggdrop (25)

    Eggdrop Bot Help Channel

  • #xchat

    #XChat is a german support channel for the irc-client XChat.


  • (52)

    The official euIRC webradio. Chatting, good music and much more!

  • #ebm-radio (20)

    german 24/7 internetradiostation for EBM, Industrial, Electronic strange music for strange people


  • #uga-agga (14)

    Official channel of the browser game Uga-Agga

  • #kartellwar (90)

    Official channel of the well-known online browser game KartellWar

  • #sternenflotte (2)

    One of the largest German board and irc-based StarTrek roleplaying games

  • #stu (17)

    Browser-based StarTrek strategy game with optional PRG part

  • #shadowland (6)

    The channel about the roleplaying game "Shadowrun"

  • #kapiland (3)

    Official channel of the browsergame

  • #ufp (3)

    United Federation of Planets - Star Trek Online Role Play Community

  • #florensia (9)

    New MMOG ashore and at sea to explore the world. Meet other players to discuss your adventures.

  • #vampiresdawn (6)

    IRC-Channel of the Vampires Dawn Browsergame

  • #devils.dw (1)

    Official channel of D-Wars and Onlinegame Devils

  • #revorix (30)

    Channel of the game

  • #fly4fun (5)

    Official german channel of the MMOPG Fly For Fun.

  • #aquaphobia (4)

    Channel of the browsergame "Aquaphobia"

  • #World-of-Dungeons (23)


  • #oldskullz (13)

    Channel of Clan [OldSkullZ], also join to play famous IRC-Werewolf-Game!

  • #euro-helper (2)

    the help-channel for Ragnarok Online. Here you meet Helper and GM's if you have questions about the

Movies + TV

  • #AnimePath (20)

    Channel of AnimePath (

  • #motome (27)

    Having a chat about anime/manga if you feel like =)

  • #EAF (52)

    #EAF Channel of the Anime/Fansub Community from

  • #gelbegefahr

    The Simpsons-fanchannel at euIRC. With automatic reminder & preview so you don't miss an episode

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