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April-fools prank stats

As most of you already noticed, yesterdays news was an april fools prank. OPERME was a prank-command that added the line "$me has been fooled" to the ...

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Channel overview

Here you can find some selected channels on euIRC.


  • #euirc

    Official network channel

  • #IPv6

    IPv6 Forum

  • #opers

    German and English language euIRC help channel

Fun + Flirt

  • #lobby

    Big chat for flirting, making party and having a lot of fun. There are always nice people for talkin

  • #german-bash.org

    Funny logfiles from IRC (German)

  • #letsbaron

    Funny Channel with people solving your IRC problems.


IRC in general

  • #Eggdrop

    Eggdrop Bot Help Channel

  • #xchat

    #XChat is a german support channel for the irc-client XChat.


  • #euirc.radio

    The official euIRC webradio. Chatting, good music and much more!

  • #ebm-radio

    german 24/7 internetradiostation for EBM, Industrial, Electronic strange music for strange people


Movies + TV

  • #EAF

    #EAF Channel of the Anime/Fansub Community from www.emania.de

  • #motome

    Having a chat about anime/manga if you feel like =)

  • #AnimePath

    Channel of AnimePath (www.animepath.de)

More channels ...


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