Past and future

Thank you all for a great year 2009 and we wish you a happy 2010. 10 eventful years lie behind us, filled with many changes and few throwbacks. 10 years? Right, the euIRC made it its first decade!

By now euIRC is one of the elder networks - in Europe and worldwide. Some things changed since we started at 01. January 2000. Servers joined and left us, new opers were proclaimed while others left. In October we had to take our popular service Webeye down due to technical problems - but will bring it back in 2010. We are already working on it. It is planned to renew Webchat too. For more than 2 years channel stats by idletown and eMail services run without almost any difficulties. Renne and Noxx, two new Helpops since mid 2009 strenghten our team along with Node who is in charge of

We are looking for new servers in europe and the rest of the world. You may apply if you like to be part of a big european irc-network.

Have a good time and prosperous chats at euIRC while listening to the official euIRC-Webradio Chaos Radio playing great music with more than 30 presenters. We are pleased to spend the next 10 years with you.

2010-01-18 | Author: mensch

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