Upgrade of services and euircd

Last weeks our coders had much work in developing better services and euIRCd. After the services update now followed the upgrade of the euIRCd (you did notice yesterday, didn't you?).

Here are the changes:

NickServ sets you a VHost automatically.
/NS IDENTIFY [nick] <pass> [novhost] [nojoin]
You may take a VHost from a linked nick or you choose _not_ to use your vhost now depending on the given parameters.

/NS SET VHOST <nick> <pass>
You get the VHost of another nick.

/NS SET VHOST <vhost>
This is to register a new VHost. The request will be forwarded to Services-/VHost-admins - that may take a while ;o)

Drops a VHost forever.

Some additional infos for VHosts:

Especially Java-User will like the new Auto-Join List. With identify you join the specified channels automatically:
/NS SET JOIN #channel[,#channel]

If s.o. in your channel gains op and you don't know why, try the following command:
/CS WHY #<channel> <nick>

New implemented is the Invite-List. The syntax is similarly as bans/ban-exceptions:
/MODE #<channel> +I <mask>

The color strip chanmodes +c/+S now also affect quit-/part-messages. Watch the quit message of s.o. who quits short after connect...

No bugs allowed any longer ;o)

For professionnels: most parameters will be shown on connect.

And now have fun :) Further developments can be expected soon and also the Java Applet ( is getting smarter ;o)

2002-03-27 | Author: Thyla

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