Problem with mIRC 7.xx

On July 30rd 2010 mIRC 7.1 was released. Unfortunately there are some problems with this version.

Many channels whose names contain german umlaute (À ö ÃŒ) or special characters were created in the days of the ISO Charset. However, mIRC 7.1 converts all sended and received text to UTF-8. Both Charsets represent german umlaute and special characters in a different way so that a channel named #ÃÃà exists twice - as UTF-8 and as ISO. Thus since the release of mIRC 7.1 all users using it and trying to join such a channel found themselves in an empty not registered channel with apparently the same name. Unfortunately this channelname is UTF-8 encoded and therefore not the same channel.

On our special mIRC 7.xx page you will found more information and how to deal with this.

2010-08-05 | Author: mensch

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