euircd upgrade to 1.1.3

Yesterday morning our servers have been updated to the latest version of euircd.
The most important changes:

* stands for founder (+q),! for admin (+a)
If you don't like this prefixes, you can set /mode OwnNick +c. After a rejoin they are off. By connecting to port 6660 +c is automatically set. Webmaster who use the JPilot Applet should connect to port 6660

+a doesn't stand any longer for autoprotect but for admin. It gives all rights of an op plus nick protection.
For this reason the command for setting temporary +a by ChanServ is now /msg chanserv admin #chan nick

/mode #chan +B #chan2 works with b (ban) like L with l. Someone who's banned is forwarded to #chan2.

/mode #chan +N no nickchange, if you are in are in a N chan. (Does not take effect for halfops or superior.)

/mode #chan +C No chan CTCP possible.

/mode #chan +w string ads 'string' to badwordliste.
Lines, which matches a string of the badwordlist, can't be sent to the chan. You can use wildcards in the badwordlist.
- *word* matches every sentence which contains word.
- word* matches every sentence which beginns by wort.
- ?word* matches every sentence in which exactly one character stands before word.

/mode #chan +W activates the badwordlist.
The badwordlist is experimental!

The modes of a registered chan are remembered even if the chan gets empty!

Unban by ChanServ
/msg chanserv unban takes effect in every case.

You can find the complete changelog on

2002-04-23 | Author: sami

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